Liberals and Trudeau need to be stopped

The Liberal government’s answer to this economic crisis was to borrow $327 billion

Liberals and Trudeau need to be stopped

Liberals and Trudeau need to be stopped

My sense of smell detects something rotten in Canada. And it is stinking to high heaven. When COVID-19 broke onto the Canadian scene, we were treated to daily lectures by Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau and the Chief Medical Officer of Canada telling us to follow their pandemic regulations. Over a period of time, thousands of small businesses closed and workers were unemployed. Many of those businesses, we are told, will never open again.

The Liberal government’s answer to this economic crisis was to borrow $327 billion or more to add to the deficit spending which was already happening. That has added more problems to a sagging economy. They doled this money out EI style through the CERB program. That in itself has created more unemployment as workers declined available job opportunities because they made more money on the government welfare system. Can you believe it? The government is responsible for increasing unemployment and making more Canadians dependent on the state. Of course Liberals and NDPers love this! The more people they can make dependent on government, the more control they have over individual Canadians’ lives.

And as we were sinking deeper in economic crisis, along comes the WE scandal. Canadians learn that the Liberals were hiring the WE charity to run the Student Summer Job Program to the tune of $900 million. But it gets worse, we also learn that Trudeau’s mother, wife and brother and the Finance Minister Bill Morneau have been on the WE payroll. Morneau eventally resigns and Trudeau prorogues Parliament and shuts down the parliamentary committee that was investigating the scandal. Shame on them!

But this isn’t all! Next we learn that Trudeau is planning on bringing in a new budget when parliament resumes. It is going to be a radical redefining of Canada into a green economy and to do that he may be adding another $100 billion to the national debt. We also learn that Bill Morneau and his supporters have seriously questioned where Trudeau is taking the nation economically. And the parliamentary officer in charge of budgets has stated that Trudeau’s plans are not economically sustainable.

In the meantime,this government, which is increasingly corrupt and unmanageable, is being propped up by the Greens and the NDP. Our present NDP MP Alistair MacGregor in this riding is part of the propping up and has very little to say about what is going on. Canadians need to wake up. Our country is going down the tubes under this government. It is a mere shadow of its former self. The Liberals and Trudeau need to be stopped!

Reed Elley

Former MP for Nanaimo-Cowichan