Many more important things to do in Shawnigan

Many more important things to do in Shawnigan

You see so many other little things that are not taken care of

Many more important things to do in Shawnigan

Re: traffic calming in Shawningan

It’s interesting yet odd for this area, as you see so many other little things that are not taken care of — insofar as maintenance is concerned, on the roadways in that area.

A for instance, brush and trees allowed to grow on the roadside that end up obstructing drivers’ and pedestrians’ views around corners and at crosswalks (which also kills road noise for pedestrians if they were wanting to judge the distance of oncoming vehicles they cannot see, or can see).

An example of this is at the college (Shawnigan Lake School), a swampy area that has trees growing in it. They obstruct the view of drivers approaching the crosswalk from the west. Worthington Road — the bank should be shaved back to allow the drivers to see around the corner and down the hill without moving out into the cross traffic too far.

The roadside after Mason’s going west needs to have all the foliage shaved back so you can see pedestrians; they walk three abreast sometimes and are risking their own well being and causing vehicles to get close to, or cross over, the centre line. And then lest we forget, the railway tracks and the brush everywhere that obstructs the view of the parking lot, causing people to run across the road, and drivers to watch the parking area instead of the vehicles in the other parts of the intersection. There are so many things (engineering as well) that cause certain areas to become hazards.

This traffic calming statement is an idiotic term, it just serves the bureaucracy, it could be called driver annoyance instead. Drive around and look or ask the people that live in the area and drive around and see the hazards before some weird sort of calming (that you spend money on) occurs. Yes, that was for the politicians and safety people, before they throw some arbitrary crap out into the public’s view.

If you have seen traffic calming in greater Victoria, you can understand the comment, “it is different here”; there is room for easy workable solutions, not assumptions.

A normal driver. (Didn’t mention all the logging trucks, missed that, huh.)

Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake