Neglect, money or just plain laziness?

Have you ever driven Coleman Road in the Cobble Hill/Shawnigan Lake area?

Have you ever driven Coleman Road in the Cobble Hill/Shawnigan Lake area? It has a sign at the beginning of the road that “suggests” the safe speed would be 30 I believe. I have had the occasion to drive it a few times (I don’t live in that area) and have come to know it as Anxiety Way!

You cannot see around the corners, as you drive because the right-of-way has not been cleared to the residents’ property lines, this is the first thing I noticed. Second, depending on the time of day the sun can shine directly in your eyes and if you are not aware of this fact you go blind instantly, and even if you have time to react to this, the road is maintained in such a way as you have to come to a full stop, or close to it, so you don’t hit anyone.

The width of the roadway that services a lot more houses than in the past, is not sufficient. Why do I say that? Because if you are “walking” that area and two cars go by in opposite directions, at the same time, you are hit, or you could end up in the ditch, to save your own life.

So here it is, the school bus that drops children off leaves them to their own devices, so as to safely walk this stretch of roadway. Driving it seems short, walking it, not so much! The laziness and neglect I speak of is the maintenance of the existing roadsides and the non-existent effort to make it safe. The money is obvious.

Drive the bus down the road, let them out at the next intersection and turn the vehicle around on Miner Road — spend the money! Or change the name to “Pass Away” Lane?


Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake