One Cowichan like the NRA

One Cowichan like the NRA

Their objective is to intimidate our elected officials into following an agenda put forth by them.

One Cowichan like the NRA

One Cowichan claims to represent all the citizens in the valley. These people were not elected by the community yet they have taken it upon themselves to be the watchdog on the subject of climate change. They certainly don’t represent me and, I am sure, many others.

They have come out with a checklist that will supposedly inform the public on this subject. This is a ruse. Their objective is to intimidate our elected officials into following an agenda put forth by them. They will support any candidate that scores well on their list and work against those that do not toe the line.

I liken these people to the NRA. This group also has a scorecard on politicians and try to defeat those that do not follow their agenda. They do this monetarily and by smearing. Note how the president backtracks when confronted by them. They are a powerful lobby and that is why gun laws never change.

This is the same group that pushed the housing and water issues. The public meetings that were held were a sham. One Cowichan had influenced how the decision would turn out. Why else would the CVRD spend so many taxpayer dollars to convince us that this was the right thing? We kept telling them that these were the responsibility of senior levels of Government. Did they listen? Of course not. One has to be a lobby group to get their attention.

It seems all those who believe in human caused climate change are pushing agendas that will cost us humans more in taxes, from all levels of Government. They are competing to be seen as the most knowledgeable on the subject. One upmanship.

Site “C”, LNG and Trans Mountain are some examples of the hypocrisy of our Governments. We are expected to pay the price while they push forward with their projects.

All this because the only subject allowed to be studied was what impact humans have on the climate. Nothing else. Until I see other unrelated studies that may show some other causes, I will take human caused climate change with a grain of salt.

Now is time for the true believers to show their disgust, as they always do. I am old enough and educated enough to take the abuse.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill