Pool tax increase proposal the last straw

In it you failed to indicate that Area E contributes heavily to “downtown” and regional activities.

In regards to your Editorial of Sept. 10.

I was appalled at the misinformation provided in your “Opinion”. In it you failed to indicate that Area E contributes heavily to “downtown” and regional activities. We are also a fully funded partner in the Island Savings Centre. Obfuscation (to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy) is the word that best describes your Opinion.

In looking at the tax breakdown of recreational dollars for Area E I find that the recreational tax dollar being spent outside of Area E is 2.12 times higher than what remains for the use of Area E residents.

While it may seem like a 300 per cent tax increase to the Cowichan Aquatics Centre is a small thing, I am sure that if you suggested to the other outlying towns and areas that, oh, we have decided to increase your portion by 300 per cent there would be rebellion.

So, what has Area E Parks and Recreation done with its meagre portion of tax dollars recently?

Have you ever been to the Glenora Trails Head Park a world class community asset built, paid for and maintained by residents of Area E? We do not charge admission to outside residents and tourists and I would encourage you to have a free burger or hot dog on us on Sept. 20. No charge!

Wake Lake Community Park on Barnjum Road — this is home to many rare species, purchased by residents of Area E to preserve a natural immature cranberry bog — a real gem.

A brand new community playground park at Creighton Road in Sahtlam. I meet people from out of area there all the time.

We have also purchased properties that will eventually provide trails that will link the north side Cowichan Valley Trail with the river parks trails that will be for the use of all.

All this as well as maintaining all the other community parks in Area E. We would love to see a budget for our parks that matches what goes out of area, 50/50, but we the residents can’t afford that.

I personally am not against supporting the pool! So, why am I upset about a 300 per cent increase for the Cowichan Aquatic Centre? Maybe it is just the last straw.

I would urge residents of Area E to say no on principle to an increase and sign the elector response form available with background information at the CVRD and on their web site.

Renters can also respond as long as you are a registered elector.


Michael Lees