Smoke affecting the animals?

Smoke affecting the animals?

An example of what we are witnessing are the bats.

Smoke affecting the animals?

There are warnings to the public all the time regarding what is in the smoke that blankets the region.

Are there any scientists looking into the effects on the animals? All the livestock, wildlife, flying insects are exposed to the same particulates as humans.

An example of what we are witnessing are the bats. We look across the street to a park that has a light pointing downward. Prior to all of this smoke, the bats would cluster around and on the light and swoop down to catch the insects that were attracted to the light. The bats’ eyes reflect the light and you can see them in action. There are times that, when looking in our direction, the light is so intense that it looks like a powerful flashlight.

Now there is hardly any action, from dusk to dawn, but you know they are still there because their reflections intensifies the overhead light and it becomes very bright. I have to assume that the flying insects are not around and this could affect the bats as there is nothing to eat.

Perhaps one of the scientists could answer what is happening to the animals, big and small.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill