Happy birthday to me! (Citizen file)

Happy birthday to me! (Citizen file)

The evolution of birthdays, according to an adult

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I’m not officially old yet but next year I will be.

Birthdays weren’t the biggest deal in my family growing up; we got really excited about Christmas instead, but I remember every year being hopeful for a new ball glove each September so that I could spend the winter breaking it in for the coming spring. That and we always had a family dinner and I always chose black forest cake. Looking back, I was likely pretty spoiled.

Boy have things changed. Not that I’m not still spoiled… I am. But now it’s ice cream cake. And while practically nothing beats the scent of the fresh leather of a brand new ball glove, I don’t yearn for it like I once did.

I’m not sure when it changed really, but birthdays don’t mean the same thing to me anymore. They started mattering less and less even before I had children. I guess that comes with age for many of us.

But, after my first child was born, my birthdays really took a leap down the priority list. It’s not that I am ungrateful for being born or anything, in fact I’m pretty thrilled about it (most days), it’s just that my children’s birthdays have taken on such a greater significance. Their birthdays have become my special days: the dates that not only I delivered life (twice!), which is the biggest achievement(s) in my life, but I welcomed them specifically into the world as individuals, which is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life by far, no question. Full stop. That’s it. I’ve peaked.

That being said, I still like presents.

It’s just now that I’m a mom, I’m not itching for the same type I once did. You know what I really want? I’m going to tell you:

A year’s supply of toilet paper.

A year’s supply of hand soap.

A year’s supply of dishwasher soap.

A year’s supply of laundry soap.

Sexy right? People I tell that to always tell me to stop being so practical. “Treat yourself,” they say. “It’s your one day a year!” But what better treat is a year’s supply of household necessities? I can treat myself any day of the week! I am a grown-up and thankfully I am gainfully employed and I’m able to, within reason, purchase for myself whatever I want or deem necessary at any given time. That’s truly a blessing not lost on me. You know what sucks having to spend your money on? Kleenex. Diapers (although the alternative isn’t very pleasant either). Toothpaste. Tampons. Imagine not having to shop for those things for a whole year! Laugh at my practicality or not, I really think I’m on to something here.

What would you stock up on if you know if wouldn’t go bad?