The SPCA has outlived its usefulness

The dog cannot stand on its own and its condition is critical. Am I the only one who finds this outrageous?

I read the story of the SPCA asking the public for money to pay a yet unknown sum to attempt to save the stray dog Aslan (if that is really its name?).

The dog is reported to be 50 pounds underweight. The dog cannot stand on its own and its condition is critical. Am I the only one who finds this outrageous?

The SPCA stands for Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In light of this, I have to question, in regards to Aslan, the dog, who has been rescued, is the SPCA fulfilling its mandate by trying to save this dog’s life at apparently any cost?

This dog has been removed from the life of hardship and cruelty it had been living.

But now the question really ought to be why is the SPCA now going to put the poor thing through more suffering and trauma by needlessly trying to save its life?

Has the SPCA considered that this dog might not be a very good candidate for a pet once or even if it can be made well enough to be adopted? Has the SPCA considered it could be aggressive, excessively timid or unpredictable, or perhaps even brain damaged from all of the dog’s poor treatment and neglect?

Has the SPCA completely forgotten that they already have millions of the public’s money that we must give them involuntarily?

Perhaps they have become so accustomed to frivolously spending on unwanted animals that they have completely forgotten about the many vulnerable humans in our society?

There are children who do not get proper nutrition, clothing, and shelter in our communities, there are pensioners who barely get enough to live on.

The SPCA has outlived its usefulness and needs to be put down.


Kristi Davis

Mill Bay

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