The speed bumps are the final warning

It’s always frustrating when a few yahoos ruin something for everyone.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

It’s always frustrating when a few yahoos ruin something for everyone.

Like when some idiot sues because he got hurt tobogganing and suddenly the property owner gets scared (and gouged) and shuts down the fun for everyone.

Or when someone steals the cash from the roadside stand, making the farmer either stop putting their stuff out or create some kind of impenetrable lock box where money can only go in and not out.

Or when folks have always used the path through the rural property to the beautiful beach, until a group of ne’er-do-wells crash through, lighting fires and breaking beer bottles into the sand, and the only way to solve the problem is to block off the path altogether.

There are plenty of examples in this world of ours.

Let’s hope that Drinkwater Road doesn’t join them.

North Cowichan council has resolved to install speed bumps and a raised crosswalk on the road after years of trouble with people who don’t respect the neighbourhood and drive far too quickly. We gather the situation has only worsened since Drinkwater became a popular thoroughfare, a good way to get to Cowichan Commons mall.

But the issue certainly pre-dates that development.

We’re not sure why so many people seem to speed on that road specifically. It’s not a particularly long, straight stretch.

But speed they do.

Anyone who’s ever tried to walk that road knows it all too well. Drivers regularly come roaring past, far exceeding the speed limit and making it not only unsafe but also unpleasant for pedestrians, equestrians or anyone who has property along the road.

Which is too bad, since the distance from Cowichan Commons to the residential developments in the Sherman Road and Berkey’s Corner areas are well within walking or biking distance of the mall.

And that’s what we want in our communities — to encourage people to get out of their vehicles and take to two feet or two wheels.

This makes for a healthier, better neighbourhood, and can help create a healthier population.

The incoming speed bumps are like strike two. Third strike and you’re out.

So slow down, because if the speed bumps don’t do it, the road will be closed in sections and traffic re-routed, we’re told by officials.

And that’s just a pain for anyone trying to get anywhere.