Three other parties would damage our country

Most of the government policies and initiatives of the past 10 years have led to the betterment of our country in general.

I’m not ready for change after Oct. 19.

This is indeed perhaps the most important election in the history of this country, and selection of the most competent, experienced leader is imperative.

Most of the government policies and initiatives of the past 10 years have led to the betterment of our country in general. Despite the hysteria, hyperbole and misinformation of the opposition parties, the government is largely responsible for our improved affluence, security, and world leading prosperity.

Change for the sake of change is insanity. You need to have a realistic option to change a government. In our case there is no credible option at this time, and in the current world of dodgy economic and political conditions, a radical change would almost certainly lead to disaster.

The country doesn’t need a lightweight celebrity name with nice hair, and no understanding of budgets, or a socialist French lawyer with ruinous policies. A win for either of these options would throw away our sovereignty to the UN. The platforms of both are a recipe to follow the path of the European PIGs.

Canadians should be very concerned about the slim possibility of an NDP victory this month. A Mulcair PM is a nightmare scenario that we can’t let happen. Reviewing the bad experiences of provinces that suffered this party is a good flag that they should not be allowed anywhere near federal power.

The LPC are also not a viable option and in some ways even more insidious than the dippers. The leader, who talks like a beauty pageant contestant, is backed by Gerald Butts, a radical environmentalist and a far left socialist in Chrysia Freeland, who never met a tax she didn’t like.

There is only one party that has the platform, the credibility, and the leader to maintain our prosperity and respect from the international community. It is essential that we maintain the fiscally responsible and forward thinking of this current government.

While there are several policies and initiatives that I disagree with and don’t support, closing the Kits Coast Guard base for example, overall the country is on the right path with their stable leadership.

There is really no difference between the three so called “progressive” parties. All of them offer wild, largely unsupported promises that would only damage our standard of life and turn over our sovereignty to the corrupt UN.

I’m not ready for certain economic hardship, insecure future, and humiliation on the world stage…

How about you?


R. Hailey