Vote for an MP that will be in the winning party

Remember when Stephen Harper was the prime minister of Canada?

Vote for an MP that will be in the winning party

The time has come to bite the bullet and vote in a Canadian government member of parliament.

We keep paying our share of taxes, but never receive any funds back to our constituency. Always voting against the government and voting in opposition members does nothing for our constituency. Our opposition members stress their points and get absolutely nothing accomplished. The only one that wins in our constituency is the opposition member we vote into office. Why? A taxpayer funded salary of $178,900 per year with a guarantee of a MP pension after six years.

Also, Ontario and Quebec hold a monopoly on the rest of Canada in relation to electoral seats. Total seats in the federal parliament is 338. Ontario has 121 federal ridings, Quebec has 78 federal ridings, for a total of 199, and the other eight provinces and three territories have a total of 139 federal ridings combined. On election day, the federal party with the most seats elected in Ontario and Quebec becomes Canada’s federal government.

Remember when Stephen Harper was the prime minister of Canada? He held his electoral seat in Alberta. That was a first for Canada. A prime minister from the west. Note how much taxpayers money was given to B.C. during his term as prime minister. Notice how that has changed since Canada having once again, a prime minister from eastern Canada.

In the 1984 Canadian federal election, the Progressive Conservatives became the government of Canada. In the Maritime provinces, the Conservatives won 25 seats out of a total of 32 seats. The Conservatives brought in the GST tax and proceeded with making the head office for GST in Summerville, Prince Edward Island. Why? Because of the results of the many seats won in the Maritimes. Just imagine, if Vancouver Island did the same with voting in government MPs, Nanaimo might have been the location of the head office for the GST tax. Result would be many federal government jobs, but no chance because Vancouver Island taxpayers always rebel against the federal governments elected.

Retired Cowichan MP Jean Crowder is receiving an MP pension of $54, 377 per year and the total she can collect is $1.9 million if she lives to age 90. Voting for the opposition party only benefits the elected MP. Locally, I cannot trust NDP MP Alistair MacGregor on his campaign. Why? Alistair only has four years in as an MP and needs six years to qualify for basic MP pension. I believe his reason for wanting to be re-elected is so he can qualify for basic MP pension. After six years, his pension at today’s rate would be between $28,000 and $30,000, per year. That is absolutely wrong. Money is not number one of importance in our lives. Number one is our health. Why? Canada lost the lead singer, Gord Downie of the band Tragically Hip due to terminal cancer. Downie’s specialist, Dr. James Perry said, even with the greatest connections and money, there’s no way to buy you out of this, which proves health is number one.

In summary, voting in a government MP is the only way to make changes for our Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, electoral riding.

Joe Sawchuk


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