We need to put more value on trees and greenspace in communities

Duncan, Southern Saskatchewan, N1T H2C (Not one tree here to see).

Duncan, Southern Saskatchewan, N1T H2C (Not one tree here to see).

Perhaps we should change our address to reflect the direction this area is headed towards in the long term.

Try finding a shaded area to park your vehicle in the Duncan/North Cowichan core and Commons in this heat.

It has come to pass that asphalt and concrete are more valuable than dirt and grass in our economy.

The trees on the Mound certainly needed a friend with the passion Seairra has for the maple near the library.

Many people move here for the sheer magnitude of the natural beauty. Others come because of the attractive housing prices, comparatively speaking. Each one of us has to eke out our own space to live, work and park.

Common sense and mathematics would foretell the future of the Valley if we don’t at least empathize with Seairra [a protester who chained herself to a maple that was under threat of being cut down] a little.

Think thrice before you slice down in minutes what has taken nature years to create.

This place would look very different without our trees. So different you might wonder if you are in Divine Duncan, Cool Cowichan or in fact took a wrong turn somewhere.

Let’s not get lost and lose our bearings. Thanks Seairra for reminding us what makes this GPS location very special indeed.


Cheryl Trudell