What to put in your emergency kit?

In the event of a serious disaster, you could be away from the comforts of home for an extended period.

The CVRD has recommendations of what to put in a "grab ‘n go kit" that you can keep near you at all times.

Bottled water


Nutritious foods (dried fruits, granola bars, nuts or beef jerky)


Personal medications

Emergency blanket and garbage bags

Personal toiletries

Extra pair of eye glasses

Dust masks and gloves

Extra money, coins, phone cards

Family photos (recent)

Book and/or game

Personal papers (copies of insurance, emergency contacts, prescriptions and identification) The CVRD also recommends items you can stow in your car to have on hand should you encounter a serious emergency situation like an earthquake.

Bottled water

First aid kit and manual

Nutritious foods (dried fruits, granola bars, nuts or beef jerky)

Fire extinguisher

Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes

Flashlight (extra batteries)

Warm blanket

Flares, candles with matches and jar

Heavy-duty work gloves (leather)

Ziploc bags, toilet tissue

Dust masks and gloves


Change of clothing

Large, sturdy backpack

Road map and compass

Deck of cards, good book

Shovel and sand, kitty litter or other traction aids

Ice scraper and brush

Duct tape and garbage bags

Booster cables For more emergency preparedness information go to www.cvrd.bc.ca