Why hasn’t B.C. been shut down?

Why hasn’t B.C. been shut down?

Give us the truth and shut down the borders like they should have been back in March or April!

Why hasn’t B.C. been shut down?

The bumbling socialist government of B.C. needs to be called out over the spread of COVID. We have seen a huge spike in the number of COVID infections in the past weeks.

Daily we see vehicles from the U.S. cruising around our Island (including in the past few weeks, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Tennessee and Texas just to point out a few). Why haven’t Horgan, Dix and Henry told BC Ferries to turn these people away?

We have been asked, ordered, and threatened not to be in large groups or have get-togethers because of the uptick in numbers of new cases. Myself and my friends and family have maintained our bubbles; this spread is coming from somewhere.

We have been told that anyone coming across the border can claim they are on their way to Alaska, yet there is no direct route to Alaska from Vancouver Island! Why are there overseas tourists not only on the Island but on the Mainland?

Why are overseas flights without Canadians aboard being allowed to land? Washington State is one of the worst hit of the states yet they are still coming in good numbers to visit. I have friends on the West Coast of the Island that say they see more and more non-Canadian tourists everyday.

In the next little while school is starting and it seems like all forms of government are going to use our children and grandchildren as the guinea pigs and give us this “cohorts” system. If it’s good enough for your children and my grandchildren to go back then all branches of the government should be doing the same, enough of this Zoom government gig!

Lastly Mr. Dix and Dr. Henry, please share the following information:

1. How many folks in longterm care homes died between March and August of this year compared to last year?

2. Is there a particular age, race, gender or blood group etc. that has been effected more then others?

Enough is enough. Give us the truth and shut down the borders like they should have been back in March or April!

B.W. Lowe