Why the rush on Berkey’s Corner decision

I am not able to find any research that proves the planners’ theory.

Re: “‘Disgusted’ by council’s decision”

The letter writer is correct in describing the North Cowichan planners’ reasoning that North Cowichan could lower GHG emissions by allowing a drive-through coffee shop at Berkey’s Corner. I am not able to find any research that proves the planners’ theory.

Nor can I imagine the planners thinking our citizens so stupid as to believe the theory that more drive-throughs lowers GHG emissions.

Sadly, the District of North Cowichan and Berkey’s Corner lost an enormous opportunity when mayor and council voted yes for a project that incorporates a strip mall/drive-through/vast asphalt parking area, along with the possible demise of what could be the biggest stand of species at risk Oregon ash in existence today.

Council’s decision was in disregard of all (save one) of the citizens in the packed council chambers who spoke against allowing the zoning change needed for this 20th century car-centred project.

Those in attendance asked council to allow time to find forward thinking developers able to see beyond the archaic mentality of this project.

They spoke of wanting to advance with 21st century land use policies. Some inquired why North Cowichan is not following its own guidelines, adopted in 2013 in its award-winning Climate Action and Energy Plan. Others questioned why North Cowichan would allow this type of mall with what responsible leaders have learned from the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. What’s behind this scramble to rezone Berkey’s Corner in an irresponsible manner? What is the rush about something so important to the future of our community as a whole, and to our children and grandchildren’s lives specifically? If it wasn’t for the hopelessness of the decision, I could think we are the butt of an early April Fools’ joke.


Miyo Stevens

North Cowichan