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Cowichan Valley mountain bikers among best at high school provincials

Local athletes combine for 4 top-10 spots in senior boys enduro

Athletes from the Cowichan Valley did exceptionally well at the BC School Sports Mountain Biking Championships at Jordie Lunn Bike Park in Langford last week, with riders representing five local schools.

Valley athletes particularly dominated the senior (Grade 11/12) boys enduro race, where Frances Kelsey Secondary’s Elijah Barron won gold, with Spencer Young and Seamus George of Cowichan Secondary in third and fifth, respectively, and Kelsey’s Spencer Van Der Linden in sixth.

Barron also finished sixth in the senior boys cross-country race, with Van Der Linden in 11th.

Aaron Lalonde of Queen Margaret’s School placed sixth in the junior (Grade 10) boys enduro, one spot ahead of Cowichan Secondary’s Sam Sheppard. Kelsey’s Andrew Van Der Linden placed 11th, and Lalonde’s QMS teammate, Yuri Klobucar, finished 20th. The top Cowichan Valley finisher in the junior boys cross-country event was Ethan Picard of QMS at 25th.

Two Quamichan School riders each had a pair of top-10 finishes in the juvenile (Grade 9) events. Seth Miller rode to a bronze medal in the boys’ cross-country and placed seventh in the enduro, while Emily Bartilucci placed sixth in the girls enduro and eighth in cross-country.

Jakob Horsfall of Quamichan placed 18th in the juvenile boys enduro, and teammate Roan Bleackley was 22nd in the boys cross-country. Also from Quamichan, Jordan He was seventh in the juvenile girls enduro and 16th in cross-country, and Olivia Finlay finished 15th in the enduro and 17th in cross-country.

Quamichan’s Luke Horsfall placed fifth in the bantam (Grade 8) boys enduro and 18th in cross-country, while Patrick Clarke of St. John’s Academy placed 20th in the enduro, followed by Angus Heys of QMS in 21st.

Also from Quamichan, Clodagh Young placed 10th in the bantam girls enduro and 11th in cross-country.


Senior boys cross-country

6. Elijah Barron, Kelsey

11. Spencer Van Der Linden, Kelsey

52. Seamus George, Cowichan

53. Spencer Young, Cowichan

56. Alex Munro, QMS

59. Brodie Kelly, Cowichan

Senior boys enduro

1. Elijah Barron, Kelsey

3. Spencer Young, Cowichan

5. Seamus George, Cowichan

6. Spencer Van Der Linden, Kelsey

22. Joshua Balfour, Kelsey

36. Oakley Charles, Kelsey

43. Andrew Sugden, Cowichan

65. Robert de Clark, Cowichan

76. Alex Munro, QMS

78. Brodie Kelly, Cowichan

Junior boys cross-country

25. Ethan Picard, QMS

30. Yuri Klobucar, QMS

36. Sam Huck, Kelsey

Junior boys enduro

6. Aaron Lalonde, QMS

7. Sam Sheppard, Cowichan

11. Andrew Van Der Linden, Kelsey

20. Yuri Klobucar, QMS

22. Matteo Thibault, Kelsey

29. Austin Richter, Cowichan

30. Ethan Picard, QMS

46. Sam Huck, Kelsey

53. Nicholas Wade, Cowichan

Juvenile girls cross-country

8. Emily Bartilucci, Quamichan

16. Jordan He, Quamichan

17. Olivia Finlay, Quamichan

Juvenile girls enduro

6. Emily Bartilucci, Quamichan

7. Jordan He, Quamichan

15. Olivia Finlay, Quamichan

Juvenile boys cross-country

3. Seth Miller, Quamichan

22. Roan Bleackley, Quamichan

34. Lincoln Hunton, St. John’s Academy

42. Josiah Rempel, St. John’s Academy

Juvenile boys enduro

7. Seth Miller, Quamichan

18. Jakob Horsfall, Quamichan

29. Lincoln Hunton, St. John’s Academy

56. Josiah Rempel, St. John’s Academy

69. Roan Bleackley, Quamichan

Bantam girls cross-country

11. Clodagh Young, Quamichan

Bantam girls enduro

10. Clodagh Young, Quamichan

Bantam boys cross-country

18. Luke Horsfall, Quamichan

28. Angus Heys, QMS

29. Jaret Goulah, St. John’s

36. Patrick Clarke, St. John’s

43. Gabe Gerbrandt, Quamichan

Bantam boys enduro

5. Luke Horsfall, Quamichan

20. Patrick Clarke, St. John’s

21. Angus Heys, QMS

36. Jaret Goulah, St. John’s

35. Gabe Gerbrandt, Quamichan

Kevin Rothbauer

About the Author: Kevin Rothbauer

Kevin Rothbauer is the sports reporter for the Cowichan Valley Citizen
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