More than 140 tennis players took part in the 130th Vancouver Island Grass Court Championships at the South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club. (Kevin Rothbauer/Citizen)

Grass Court Championships celebrate 130 years at SCLTC

More than 140 tennis players take part

The South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club reached yet another milestone last month as it hosted the 130th Vancouver Island Grass Court Championships on July 24-29.

More than 140 players from Canada and the U.S. took part in the tournament, contesting 36 separate events.

The winners were:

Men’s 35 singles: Geoff Bourne

Women’s 35 singles: Adrienne Avis

Men’s 55 singles: Keith Porter

Women’s 55 singles: Elly McKeague

Men’s 60 singles: Al Folster

Men’s 65 singles: Tony McManus

Women’s 65 singles: Jean Martin

Men’s 70 singles: Bob Thompson

Men’s 75 singles: Ray Kimoto

Men’s 35 doubles: Geoff Bourne and Steven Klees

Women’s 45 doubles: Johane Mui and Heather Tasker-Brown

Men’s 55 doubles: Nikhil Desai and Anthony Giles

Women’s 55 doubles: Mary Manley and Kathleen Shannon

Men’s 60 doubles: Scott Braley and Steve Perks

Women’s 60 doubles: Elly McKeague and Barbara Skillings

Men’s 65 doubles: Tom Gunton and Dave Tooby

Women’s 65 doubles: Lynne Cowan and Jean Martin

Men’s 70 doubles: Don Godkin and William Pike

Men’s 75 doubles: Allan Robinson and Peter Wilson

Mixed combined 70 doubles: Ed Bakker and Mary Manley

Mixed combined 90 doubles: Cabor Csakany and Mika Kimura

Mixed combined 120 doubles: Keith Kachuk and Kerry MacPherson

Mixed 135 doubles: Peter Thomas and Lynne Cowan