Results from the 2016 Mid Island Track and Field meet

Podium finishes from the Mid Island Track and Field meet held at the Cowichan Sportsplex on May 11 and 12, 2016.

  • May. 20, 2016 10:00 a.m.

Senior girls

100m: 1. Casey Heyd (CSS), 2. Danielle Groenendijk (DCS), 3. Teresa Melchior (LCS)

200m: 1. Nicole Lindsay (CSS), 2. Casey Heyd (CSS), 3. Danielle Groenendijk (DCS)

400m: 1. Nicole Lindsay (CSS), 2. Teresa Melchior (LCS), 3. Alice Zhan (QMS)

800m: 1. Maddie Heisterman (QMS), 2. Kathryn Harrison (Kelsey), 3. Teresa Melchior (LCS)

1500m: 1. Desirae Ridenour (CSS), 2. Kathryn Harrison (Kelsey), 3. Kayli Powell (Chemainus)

3000m: 1. Desirae Ridenour (CSS)

4x100m: 1. Cowichan Sec.

Discus: 1. Kayli Powell (Chemainus), 2. Chicago Bains (CSS)

Javelin: 1. Riley Hogg (Kelsey), 2. Inanna Cusi (Kelsey)

Shot put: 1. Rayne Hankins (CVOLC), 2. Danielle Groenendijk (DCS), 3. Riley Hogg (Kelsey)

High jump: 1. Emily Guest (Chemainus), 2. Inanna Cusi (Kelsey), 3. Avi Ursulom (LCS)

Long jump: 1. Emily Lindsay (CSS), 2. Avi Ursulom, (LCS), 3. Emily Guest (Chemainus)

Triple jump: 1. Avi Ursulom (LCS), 2. Kathryn Harrison (Kelsey), 3. Riley Hogg (Kelsey)


Senior boys

100m: 1. Luke Armstrong (CSS), 2. Daniel Cheng (Chemainus), 3. Brayden Grantham (Kelsey)

200m: 1. Luke Armstrong (CSS), 2. Michael Bekke (CSS), 3. Miles Boulton (CSS)

400m: 1. Luke Armstrong (CSS), 2. Frank Jack (DCS)

800m: 1. Kristian Anderson-Davies (Dwight)

1500m: 1. Kristian Anderson-Davies (Dwight), 2. Jeremy Kissack (Kelsey)

3000m: 1. Jeremy Kissack, Kelsey

4x100m: 1. Cowichan Sec.

Discus: 1. Jose Garza (Dwight), 2. Noah Charles (CSS), 3. Jacob Smith (CSS)

Javelin: 1. Jose Garza (Dwight), 2. Noah Charles (CSS), 3. Kristian Anderson-Davies (Dwight)

Shot put: 1. Noah Charles (CSS), 2. Humza Khan (CSS), 3. Jose Garza (Dwight)

High jump: 1. Nathaniel White (Chemainus), 2. Quinten Currie (Kelsey), 3. Brayden Grantham (Kelsey)

Long jump: 1. Daniel Cheng (Chemainus), 2. Humza Khan (CSS), 3. Jackson MacDonald (LCS)

Triple jump: 1. Nathaniel White (Chemainus), 2. Humza Khan (CSS), 3. Daniel Cheng (Chemainus)


Junior girls

100m: 1. Emma Dewit (CSS), 2. Taylynn Smid (CSS), 3. Kim English (Dwight)

200m: 1. Emma Dewit (CSS), 2. Taylynn Smid (CSS), 3. Erin Harris (CSS)

400m: 1. Kali Mullin (LCS), 2. Robyn Zinkan (Kelsey)

800m: 1. Emerald White (Kelsey), 2. Robyn Zinkan (Kelsey)

1500m: 1. Emerald White (Kelsey), 2. Kali Mullin (LCS), 3. Amber Clayton (LCS)

3000m: 1. Katie Farley (Q of A)

4x100m: 1. Cowichan Sec.

Discus: 1. Hannah Tuplin (Chemainus), 2. Kira Keir (QMS), 3. Mackenna Posey (Kelsey)

Javelin: 1. Hannah Tuplin (Chemainus), 2. Kira Keir (QMS), 3. Avena Herrin (Kelsey)

Shot put: 1. Emma Dewit (CSS), 2. Mackenna Posey (Kelsey), 3. Hannah Tuplin (Chemainus)

High jump: 1. Mackenzie Johnston (Kelsey), 2. Kayla Brent (Kelsey), 3. Kim English (Dwight)

Long jump: 1. Emma Dewit (CSS), 2. Lauren San Jose (Chemainus), 3. Kim English (Dwight)

Triple jump: 1. Lauren San Jose (Chemainus)


Junior boys

100m: 1. Jace Hilton (Kelsey), 2. Campbell Woike (Brentwood), 3. Salim Seif (Kelsey)

200m: 1. Sion Griffiths (Brentwood), 2. Luke Handel (Brentwood), 3. Casper Poeleu (Brentwood)

400m: 1. Riley Wainman (CSS), 2. Aidan Pacholuk (CSS), 3. Adam Brownlow (Chemainus)

800m: 1. Logan Kits (Kelsey), 2. Riley Wainman (CSS), 3. Tristen Seibel (CSS)

1500m: 1. Dawson Webb (CSS)

3000m: 1. Aiden Tuplin (DCS)

4x100m: 1. Frances Kelsey, 2. Chemainus, 3. Cowichan Sec.

4x400m: 1. Brentwood, 2. Frances Kelsey, 3. Cowichan Sec.

Discus: 1. Daniel De Vries (Kelsey), 2. Liam Stephenson (Dwight), 3. Aidan Pacholuk (CSS)

Javelin: 1. Sion Griffiths (Brentwood), 2. David Eastman (Chemainus), 3. Liam Stephenson (Dwight)

Shot put: 1. Sion Griffiths (Brentwood), 2. Daniel De Vries (Kelsey), 3. Brandon Reymerink (CSS)

High jump: 1. Hubert Wong (Chemainus), 2. Eric Magnison (LCS), 3. Miles Brooks (LCS)

Long jump: 1. Luke Handel (Brentwood), 2. Sion Griffiths (Brentwood), 3. Adam Brownlow (Chemainus)

Triple jump: 1. Brandon Reymerink (CSS), 2. Tyson Duffe (Kelsey)


Bantam girls

100m: 1. Madelyn Pollock (CSS), 2. Marissa Morris (Kelsey), 3. Eachoe Siatecki (Q of A)

200m: 1. Madelyn Pollock (CSS), 2. Marissa Morris (Kelsey), 3. Eachoe Siatecki (Q of A)

400m: 1. Robin de Valk Zaiss (Kelsey), 2. Maddy Moroz (CSS), 3. Angelina Hollihn (Kelsey)

800m: 1. Robin de Valk Zaiss (Kelsey), 2. Faith Knelson (Q of A), 3. Meaghan McKechnie (LCS)

1500m: 1. Jessica Castle (CSS), 2. Robin de Valk Zaiss (Kelsey), 3. Jenna Payne (CSS)

3000m: 1. Divinity Arbic (LCS), 2. Kevannah Thorne (Q of A)

4x100m: 1. Frances Kelsey, 2. Queen of Angels, 3. Frances Kelsey

4x400m: 1. Queen of Angels, 2. Frances Kelsey, 3. Frances Kelsey

Discus: 1. Jordyn Waller (LCS), 2. Melanie Robertson (CSS), 3. Brooke Murray (CSS)

Javelin: 1. Jada Hill (CSS), 2. Melanie Robertson (CSS), 3. Brianna Margerison (CSS)

Shot put: 1. Olivia Young (Kelsey), 2. Jordy Waller (LCS), 3. Jazmine Charles (CSS)

High jump: 1. Mackenzie Hall (CSS), 2. Keira Martin (CSS), 3. Madi Jumeau (CSS)

Long jump: 1. Madelyn Pollock (CSS), 2. Heather Mackay (CSS), 3. Danaca Lauzon (Q of A)

Triple jump: 1. Ashley Oud (CSS), 2. Gabrielle Owen (CSS), 3. Kamryn McLeay (Q of A)


Bantam boys

100m: 1. Dante Evans (CSS), 2. Jason Brandt (Q of A), 3. Michael Huang (CSS)

200m: 1. Joao Andres Quinonez (Kelsey), 2. Adrion Banks (CSS), 3. Ole Mackan (Kelsey)

400m: 1. Joao Andres Quinonez (Kelsey), 2. Adrion Banks (CSS), 3. Moses Gilbert (CSS)

800m: 1. Oliver Castle (CSS), 2. Daniel Larson (Q of A), 3. Quinn Makor (LCS)

1500m: 1. Oliver Castle (CSS), 2. Dredyn Fontana (CSS), 3. Daniel Larson (Q of A)

3000m: 1. Alexander Blair-Audy (Kelsey), 2. Talon Hird (Q of A), 3. Hayden Klassen (Kelsey)

4x100m: 1. Queen of Angels, 2. Cowichan Sec., 3. Frances Kelsey

4x400m: 1. Queen of Angels

Discus: 1. Liam Simmonds (CSS), 2. Jason Brandt (Q of A), 3. Gavin Pringle (CSS)

Javelin: 1. Jaden Dewit (CSS), 2. Braeden (CSS),

3. Gavin Pringle (CSS)

Shot put: 1. Gavin Pringle (CSS), 2. Nicholas Young (CSS), 3. Aaron Dewit (CSS)

High jump: 1. Matt Day (CSS), 2. Troy Cowan (CSS), 3. Evan Kwasney (Kelsey)

Long jump: 1. Gavin Pringle (CSS), 2. Michael Huang (CSS), 3. Daniel Larson

(Q of A)

Triple jump: 1. Justin Ladouceur (CSS), 2. Harley McDonald (CSS), 3. Isaac Groom (CSS)


Midget girls

100m: 1. Birkley Anderson (CSS), 2. Naveen Nijjar (CSS), 3. Esme Ellison (Kelsey)

200m: 1. Jessica Castle (CSS), 2. Birkley Anderson (CSS), 3. Kaitlyn Crichton (CSS)

400m: 1. Jessica Castle (CSS), 2. Myfanwy Warren (CSS), 3. Alex Berry-Dillen (QMS)

800m: 1. Jessica Castle (CSS), 2. Myfanwy Warren (CSS), 3. Alex Berry-Dillen (QMS)

1500m: 1. Myfanwy Warren (CSS)

4x100m: 1. Cowichan Sec., 2. Cowichan Sec.

4x400m: 1. Cowichan Sec.

Discus: 1. Jessica Castle (CSS), 2. Kloey Douglas (CSS), 3. Jezlyn Cardinal (CSS)

Javelin: 1. Reece Fougner-Rukus (Brentwood), 2. Jessica Castle (CSS), 3. Sarah Butler (Kelsey)

Shot put: 1. Reece Fougner-Rukus (Brentwood), 2. Kloey Douglas (CSS), 3. Cailine Keirstead (CSS)

High jump: 1. Mackenzie Hall (CSS), 2. Maxine O’Leary (CSS), 3. Jessica Castle (CSS)

Long jump: 1. Reece Fougner-Rukus (Brentwood), 2. Kaitlyn Crichton (CSS), 3. Jezlyn Cardinal (CSS)

Triple jump: 1. Reece Fougner-Rukus (Brentwood)


Midget boys

100m: 1. Torren Kaiser (Brentwood), 2. Ethan Brown (LCS), 3. Ben Rossouw (Brentwood)

200m: 1. Torren Kaiser (Brentwood), 2. Ethan Brown (LCS), 3. Ben Rossouw (Brentwood)

400m: 1. Keaton Heisterman (Brentwood), 2. Dredyn Fontana (CSS), 3. Dominic Gurzinski (CSS)

800m: 1. Dredyn Fontana (CSS), 2. Joe Morelli (CSS), 3. Blake Starck Huhtanen (CSS)

1500m: 1. Jaskanan Bains (Q of A)

3000m: 1. Nick Badyal (Kelsey)

4x100m: 1. Cowichan Sec.

4x400m: 1. Queen of Angels

Discus: 1. Felix Wilson (Kelsey), 2. Wyatt Chattell (Q of A), 3. Jake Norton (Q of A)

Javelin: 1. Keaton Heisterman (Brentwood), 2. Torren Kaiser (Brentwood), 3. Blake Starck Huhtanen (CSS)

Shot put: 1. Torren Kaiser (Brentwood), 2. Ethan Brown (LCS), 3. Gus Boehme-Vertefeuille (CSS)

High jump: 1. Ben Rossouw (Brentwood), 2. Keaton Heisterman (Brentwood), 3. Ethan Brown (LCS)

Long jump: 1. Torren Kaiser (Brentwood), 2. Ethan Brown (LCS), 3. Ben Rossouw (Brentwood)

Triple jump: 1. Ben Rossouw (Brentwood), 2. Connor Matthews (CSS), 3. Tay Munro (CSS)

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